Slides from mobility first group's summary presentation and break-out sesssion meeting notes.

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I would like to propose to discuss mobility support inside the network core, especially in terms of management support (including diagnosis, security particularly privacy assurance), and network routing support. Here are some initial preliminary thoughts on these topics:

-Internet routing support to accommodate/enable mobility:
research questions include how to integrate routing with traffic management and
expose path quality besides multiple paths to customers (e.g., edge networks)
techniques to address instability, scalability and routing security
challenges such as prefix hijacking (which can be more severe due to mobility support)

-Security challenges of managing network policies to authenticate
users, services, devices.
How to prevent misconfiguration and improve manageability to address
security challenges incurred by mobility?
We should enable expressive policies that can be more uniformly and
systematically imposed across networks and exposed to end-users
(there are interesting considerations for network neutrality issues here).

-Measurement and management infrastructure:
since an end-to-end path often includes multiple network components:
wireless network, wired network, various
network components for imposing policies (traffic resources and
security access control), diagnosis of performance
problems is becoming more challenging.
We can investigate how to expose the relevant information from the network
to enable manageability (e.g., declarative framework for enforcing
rules/constraints provided by network providers),
as well as look into issues of exchanging information across network
providers to effectively deliver both good network
service and customized content at the right location (e.g., pushing it
closer to users and storing it temporarily inside networks).

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