If we decide to make the Ning network open, I would like to show it to our Ph.D. students as a nice example of the professional discussions they will get into if they proceed on a research career.

My favorite choice is to give everyone a week to remove anything they do not wish to share, and then open up to the world. Otherwise, I prefer more open to more closed at pretty much any point in the space.

I hope that whatever decision someone makes is posted prominently soon.

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I like the idea of maintaining confidentiality for a fixed period of time and then opening it. I think it addresses some of kc's concerns as well regarding fairness to the people who could not attend.
On the other hand, I dislike the idea of content on this wiki, which is valuable to us, "going away" over the next week. That would be a loss.
Which suggests the private archive of stuff removed from the public one. I don't know how easy Ning makes this. If it's not easy, put it on the feature list for the next release of Ning. At worst, it means somebody takes the list of things people want to remove, and makes that into a private space. Or, makes a full private backup of the current Ning, then comes the removal, then comes making the filtered one public. Or, ...

FWIW, I have no intention of removing anything in any case, and I suspect that the amount of material removed by others will be small, if not the empty set.
i think at this point it's optimal to give folks some warning (rest of month) and then make it open. like many other aspects of the meeting, i thought the web site was a great help, and can imagine a 'community-owned' social network for future internet conversations being quite valuable to the community, and useful to NSF. you'd easily get economist and lawyers to join, which we all seem to agree we badly need (well ok, we all agree on the economists.) speaking of which, what did ty learn from the lawyer (who?), that completely changed his mind about something? did anyone find out?
I also like the approach of fair warning for removals and then an open site. I also do not intend to remove anything, and I'd guess there will be few removals. If the site is not open, I will create an open 3B site because there is enough interest that a community-site seems really valuable.

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