Here are the slides from the presentation this afternoon.

My thanks to everyone who participated.

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And here are the questions that were added in the PPCo. These might be interesting for all groups to think about.
  • What is "identity"? A type of object? A relation?
  • Where is the emphasis (which I have been taught is fundamental when thinking about security) on tradeoffs? I thought the question to ask was not "is it secure" but "is it worth it?" (cf. Schneier)
  • Make sure that "network support for data objects" emphasizes their lifetime dimension. Give example, e.g., facilitation of privacy for a data object
  • What about economic mechanisms that improve incentives for end-hosts to adopt measures that enhance security? We had a lot of difficulty coming up with a consensus on the security requirements for a network architecture; so chances are that if you decide on a particular choice of requirements to "bake into" the architecture, it will be difficult to get the support of the community. What does that mean with respect building a "trustworthy" Internet architecture?
  • A big question is how to support accountability in the Internet; what facets of it should exist: financial, legal liability, incentives; how does it work in a trans-national network; how does it interface with the desire to have privacy/anonymity in many contexts?
  • What do you mean by an architecture that defends itself? Traffic analysis from the provider?

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